The story behind - Bespoke Clutch

We are pleased to share the full story and some behind-the-scene images about our lately accomplished bespoke clutch bag.
Like how we start every project, we go through material selections: in our case picking among cones of threads and yarns, deciding the colour palettes; then to the stage of sketching up ideas; back and forth experiments until all elements work hand-in-hand...
Only this time, the brief was all tailored to one specific client- to make a clutch bag that she would like to carry on special occasions- with wavy patterns reminiscent of oceans. I was thrilled by her trust in us to make something completely new and (OH Yes!) very excited to take on this challenge! So one night after watching a show in Royal Albert Hall, we chatted casually about all those practical aspects: styles and colours she likes, and the size that would be comfortable for her to carry...etc. All was taken into consideration in the later sketches and material sample board. 
The first attempt came about like this:
Minor issues appeared in the making and there was certainly enough room for improvement to achieve a stronger structure within the aesthetic, meanwhile keeping the practicality. So we went all over again:
Veg tanned leather lining and stamped logo was hand finished by our affiliated leathermaking master in his studio in Muswell Hill, North London. Redwood framing came from the woodwork artisan in Suzhou, China. The clutch was eventually assembled and treated with oil coating in our studio in Holborn, Central London. 
This clutch is now with our happy customer in Australia. 
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