Moroccan Mysteries

To visit a country with such a vibrant and inspiring culture was a pleasure. Morocco welcomed me with so much beautiful sights and adventures to feed my curious mind.
During my stay in Morocco I travelled between 3 amazing cities, the very beautiful city of Marrakech;the old capital Fez- also my favourite city in Morocco; and last but not least Chefchaouen also known as blue town.
I have visited many gardens, markets and restaurants during my travels. Yet nothing compares to the ones I'm about to share with you!
1. Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech
Imagine walking into a garden and being completely immersing in colours: Jardin Majorelle, took my breath away!  It was also the former home of designer Yves Saint Laurent. I fell in love with the Majorelle Blue theme that gave the garden an almost animated feel. With all the beautiful tropical plants, it felt like I was on the set of an exotic fairytale wonderland. Jardin Majorelle had me truly mesmerized and I still keep looking back at pictures for inspirations after I came back to my London studio. 
Our Eclipse Turn-a-Round Bangle well suited on the washed blue brick
Tips: I would recommend you buy the ticket for the whole garden and the Berber Museum. The Berber Museum in the garden is well worth visiting and hosts enormous ethnical gems of Berber Culture. 
After strolling in the garden and museum, do get a seat in their cafe/restaurant to have a Moroccan Mint Tea!
2. Nomad Restaurant, Marrakech
If you are ever in Marrakech you have to grab a bite at NOMAD, this was my favourite place to eat. NOMAD has a beautiful rooftop dining area, which over looks the spice market (Le marche aux épices). Opened by the French, you can have expectations of the food and interior deco! Offering revisions of traditional local cuisine and international dishes with a Moroccan twist, NOMAD is where I had the best Raspberry Panna Cotta in my life (sorry Italy ;)) . Just look at the colour! 
The city had so much life throughout the day and especially at the Medina of Marrakech. This is the night market and it can be a bit of a hustle to get to because of  all the people who aggressively try to sell you tours.
However, it is definitely worth checking out because this is where you see the Moroccan culture at its finest whilst bagging a bargain. There are food stalls, orange juice trollies, leather goods, hand made pots and plates and all kinds of unique stuff in the market.
3. Where To Stay: Riad Al Loune
Staying in the traditional Riads in Morocco is another dream come true. The hospitality and the plants we encountered in Riad Al Loune was second to none. 
On my way to the next city I decided to take a dessert tour which involved camping in the middle of the Sahara Desert for a night. Riding a camel into the Sahara, sitting on the soft sand, watching the sun set as the stars started to rise was a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. Until the sun went down and the cold came out to play...I cannot stress enough: it is essential to take a sleeping bag with you if you are ever considering to spend a night in the desert! 
Star gazing in Sahara is a true wonderful experience
Now let's talk about my favourite city in Morocco- Fez. I absolutely adored everything about Fez. As beautiful as Marrakech was, it was also a main tourist attraction. However Fez was far less busy and the vibe was so calm and relaxing. While in Fez I visited some amazing Leather Tanneries it was great to see the transition of the skin being processed and dyed (Stink alert! They use pigeon poop as part of the natural dye).
Leather Tanneries
Endless patterns in  Bou Inania Madrasa
Tips: Getting lost in the Medina in Fez can be stressful sometimes, it is best to hire a certified guide (ask your Riad for recommendations) and book a half day tour. In that way you also know better about the historical houses- Fez just has so much to offer!
My last stop on my mystical Moroccan trip was at Chefchaouen, which is also known as the Blue Town because all of the buildings are shades of blue.
I stumbled across a cute artisan soap and argon oil store, just next to the main square of the old town. While I was stocking up the soaps and oils for my hair and skin, I could not help taking two of these beautifully plaited paper yarn baskets.


Everything from the culture, the food to the landscape was amazing. I left feeling so inspired because of how much beauty and culture lurked around every corner. The Mountain Atlas offers four seasons in a day when we were driven from the desert into the city. There is still so much more left to be explored and I am already looking forward to my return to that wonderful and diverse country!