Bedazzled by Berlin

Bedazzled by Berlin

Berlin fashion week was a very exciting week for us at the studio as we were so happy to find out that Ejing Zhang has won the PREMIUM young designer award 2017! And we spent last week in Berlin showcasing her peices at the PREMIUM fashion trade show.

During our stay in Berlin we stumbled across so many exciting places that we couldn't wait to share with you all.

1. Our favourite restaurant; Einsunternull is slightly hidden and partially underground, einsunternull (which translates to ‘one below zero’) is a sleek, Michelin-starred restaurant that serves very interesting Scandinavian dishes with a twist. 

2. Boutiques. 

Exploring Berlin was such an adventure for us because its such an artistic city filled with creative minds. 

Our top 2 favourite boutique stores are 

 Andreas Murkudis.

Murkudis is an an art collector himself, and head of Museum of Things in Berlin. The concept store is very well known for its outstanding choice of products, that is still and exclusively done by Andreas Murkudis himself, who seems to just always have the right taste and overall the patience to support small manufacturers over more than one season. 


Superconscious is a very trendy store based at the lower end of the Weinbergsweg, this area is often described as the "Shoreditch" of Berlin as Shoreditch is known to be an edgy area where all the young and fashion forward creatives hang out and socialise. Superconscious offer more than 30 different brands in both mens an womenswear and accessories superconscious  provides fresh and cutting-edge urban attire. P.S. Watch out for our potential collaboration soon... Very exciting!


3. Antique Jewellery Berlin

This is the best high end jewellery store in Berlin, it was almost like a museum so descriptive and each cabinet was labelled with the era and all origins.  


4.ORA Cafe: The best Cafe in Berlin.

ORA Cafe which used to be a pharmacy has been beautifully converted in to a stylish cafe with high ceilings, big windows and stone floors. As well as being a perfect place for Breakfast and Lunch, Cafe ORA is also a bar where you can hang out in the evenings too! 

5. Five Elephant Café

 In the heart of the city’s bustling Mitte neighbourhood, the Five Elephants Cafe is in the coffee shop hotspot of Berlin and still manages to stand out from the others mainly because of their interesting choice of interior such as their nice use of brass and terrazzo.

Overall the Berlin trip was incredible from showcasing our pieces and winning an award at PREMIUM Berlin to getting the chance to explore the amazing city. We really hope you enjoyed this and if you ever are in Berlin be sure to check out our favourite places!

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