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Ejing Zhang



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Romantic notions of these memories are given a contemporary update. There is a particular tactility to the natural designs and shapes. Moving and interchangeable parts are a key theme throughout the collection with slender links, a lighter, softer wearing experiences imbued into various pieces as well as interchangeable forms with a pleasing array of charms. Silhouettes are slender and simple. To comfort and inspire.

A uniquely shaped spiral-shaped charm inspired by natural forms, the Spira resin charm adds a distinctive personalised finish to our Pesona Necklace. Finished in translucent Belo, this charm represents the circle of life. All pieces sold separately and supplied with a snap closure jump ring.

Length: 2.8 cm

Weight: 1.6g

Material: 18ct Gold Plating on 925 Sterling Silver & Resin

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