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Ejing Zhang



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"Body the centre of creation." - Barbara Hepworth

Going back to the very basic natural elements sums up this new Summer’22 season that commands it’s own headline. Referencing the natural wild terrains and temporal dimensions opened up a whole new understanding of how texture, material and colour react in movement.

New shapes feature throughout the collection hailing inspiration from both Moore and Hepworth. Carving our powerful forms in smaller detail, forms that are tactile yet satisfyingly woven into designs such as necklaces, rings and earrings conjure a sense of ancient and modern at the same time.

Artfully shaped like a pint-sized contemporary sculpture, Empyrean Drop Earrings are designed to complement the radiant hues of resin. Combining hand-cut resin studs, punctuated by hollow sculpted metal pieces and a lightweight drop that'll swing just below your jawline. Tuck your hair behind your ears to keep them in focus.

Length:  6.5 cm

Weight:   16.4 g per pair

Materials: Resin Beads, 18K Gold Plating & Rhodium Plating on Brass & 

Sterling Silver Pin

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