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Ejing Zhang



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Romantic notions of these memories are given a contemporary update. There is a particular tactility to the natural designs and shapes. Moving and interchangeable parts are a key theme throughout the collection with slender links, a lighter, softer wearing experiences imbued into various pieces as well as interchangeable forms with a pleasing array of charms. Silhouettes are slender and simple. To comfort and inspire.

Introducing the new Pesona Bracelet. Ready to be completely personalised with your choice of unique charms, the Pesona Bracelet is a reflection of you or a loved one. Giving you the freedom to pick and choose to wear all charms at once or just a single whatever the occasion may be. We are all the sum of so many little parts that make us who we are.

Length: 7 inches


Materials: 18ct Gold Plating/ Rhodium Plating on 925 Sterling Silver

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